Fuel Advances

Get upfront cash for fuel directly in the BasicBlock app

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How to get started:

1) Forward your ratecon upon booking and
prior to hauling load to: ratecon@basicblock.io

2) Open the BasicBlock app, click on the load,
and select “Request Advance”




Rate Con must be sent to ratecon@basicblock.io


Broker must be approved in our system


Load must drop within 5 days


We charge a flat $20 fee for each fuel advance


We will advance up to 50% of the load or $1500 max


You can only have one open advance at a time per truck

Quicker Payment

On average, carriers who submitted the ratecon prior to hauling a load get loads verified and payment initiated 4 hours quicker.

Access to “Anytime Pay”
(24/7/365 payments) NEW!

Now, BasicBlock carriers have the ability to get paid within minutes of dropping a load (Nights, Weekends, Banking holidays). To be eligible, a valid ratecon must be submitted upon booking load.

Fraud prevention

Double brokering and f raud are at an all time high. Avoid spending money on diesel and time on a load that might not be eligible for factoring. We analyze your ratecon and verify the legitimacy prior to you hauling.

No more manual entry

Let us upload your ratecon, you scan your POD. Upon receiving ratecon and verifying the legitimacy of the load we will automatically enter the ratecon and load details in a draft state, leaving you to scan the BOL upon delivery and get paid.

Add ratecon@basicblock.io to your email favorites list & take advantage of these perks for being a valued BasicBlock customer.

Now more than ever we appreciate your business and look forward to providing other value added services in the future.

– The BasicBlock Team

Questions? Contact Us

Have questions or need support? Reach out to us at support@basicblock.io or give us a call at 402.600.0630. We’re here to help.