Rate Con Review Terms & Conditions

By participating in the Rate Con Review pilot program, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Fraudulent Load Disclaimer:
While the Rate Con Review service is designed to diligently review and validate rate confirmations (rate cons) for carriers, BasicBlock.io cannot guarantee the complete elimination of fraudulent loads. We strive to provide accurate and reliable reviews, but carriers acknowledge that the risk of fraudulent loads cannot be entirely eliminated.

Non-Reimbursement Policy:
In the event that a load is later determined to be fraudulent, even after undergoing the Rate Con Review and receiving approval, BasicBlock.io cannot reimburse any financial losses incurred by the carrier. The responsibility for load acceptance ultimately lies with the carrier, and it is essential to remain vigilant and exercise caution when accepting loads.

Carrier Responsibility:
Carriers participating in the Rate Con Review pilot program are solely responsible for their load acceptance decisions. While our service aims to provide additional support and confidence in load acceptance, carriers must exercise their judgment and due diligence when accepting any load.

Feedback and Reporting:
As valued users of the Rate Con Review service, carriers are encouraged to provide feedback on the service’s performance and accuracy. If a carrier suspects a rate con has been inaccurately reviewed or identified as fraudulent, we urge them to report it promptly to our team for investigation and continuous improvement of our service.

Modification and Termination:
BasicBlock.io reserves the right to modify or terminate the Rate Con Review service, in whole or in part, at any time without prior notice.

These terms and conditions are effective upon using the Rate Con Review service and will continue to apply until termination or modification of the service. By using the service, carriers agree to abide by these terms and conditions. Any updates or changes to these terms will be communicated to carriers.