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Trucking Safety: How Owners Fail and Lose Money


Are you tired of losing profits because of trucking safety and compliance issues? We’ve got an insider interview with Natallia Opalko, the owner of Trucking Safety with over a decade of experience in the industry.


Natallia shares her expert insights on how skimping on safety can lead to significant losses and eventual failure for small carriers. But don’t worry, she has some killer tips to help you avoid these costly mistakes and keep your business running smoothly.


Why should carriers care about safety and compliance? 


  • Non-compliance can result in fines and audits from the Department of Transportation (DOT), negatively impacting a company’s finances and operations.
  • Safety and compliance require attention to detail and meticulous record-keeping, which can be challenging but is necessary to avoid fines and audits.
  • Safety and compliance are important for protecting drivers, motorists, and the general public.
  • Safety and compliance are key factors in maintaining a good reputation in the industry and building trust with customers.


A People-First Safety Culture 


Natallia says there are two sides to fixing safety scores: technical and human elements. 


The technical side involves ensuring everything is done in compliance with regulations, including driver onboarding and hiring. 


However, we must emphasize the importance of the human element, which is often overlooked in the trucking industry. Trucking companies must understand that they work with people, not just trucks. It takes a change in mindset to prioritize the well-being of their employees. 


Building a culture around safety is important, and this is a crucial step in improving safety scores. Of course, making money is essential, but Natallia suggests creating a culture that prioritizes safety and generates profits is best.


Motivating Key Players


Natallia emphasizes the importance of working with clients aligned with her mindset on safety and compliance. She won’t work with a client until she has met with the owner. She notes that even if an owner is money-oriented, they need someone who will protect them from themselves regarding safety compliance.


Natallia argues that focusing on safety is good for long-term profitability, leading to lower driver attrition, better loan rates, and lower insurance costs. 


Motivating drivers is a key part of the job of safety and compliance personnel. 


About the Trucking Safety Method


Natallia’s Trucking Safety method is a comprehensive program designed to help trucking companies improve their safety scores, lower insurance premiums, and increase revenue. The program consists of the following steps:


  • Online Course: The program begins with an online course covering all the necessary regulations related to carrier, driver, and vehicle compliance. The course will equip you with the knowledge you need to become confident about being compliant.


  • Coaching Sessions: In addition to the online course, Natallia provides coaching sessions to help you understand how to implement her systems effectively. During these sessions, you can ask questions and receive personalized guidance on your safety and compliance needs.


  • Organization Support: Natallia has developed well-crafted materials in Google Suite to help you automate safety-related tasks and become more efficient. These materials include:
    • Workbooks: Natallia guides you through your safety and compliance and helps you find vital documents and information you must have. These workbooks will help you stay organized and up-to-date on your compliance requirements
    • Screen Recordings: Natallia provides screen recordings on how to set up your Google Folders, Google Calendar, and Google Sheets. She’ll show you how to structure your folders and use the tools effectively to manage your safety and compliance tasks
    • PDF and Online Form Templates: Natallia also provides all the necessary forms and templates you might need to manage your safety and compliance effectively. These forms include Driver Qualification File, Online Driver Application, Accident Report, and many more!


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