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What Is Freight or Transportation Factoring, and What Are the Fees?


What is transportation factoring? This simple question carries a heavy load, and the way the answer gets presented and applied will significantly impact freight transportation and trucking companies of all sizes. Today’s pressures involved operating and managing a freight transportation company takes a lot of work. It is no longer enough simply to perform up to exp[ected standards as what was once acceptable to customers and third-party partners is no longer adequate. It is necessary to go above and beyond for those who struggle with the basics of understanding freight factoring for accounts receivable

Dealing with freight factoring costs while searching for ways to improve services presents a massive challenge for transportation providers. Freight factoring, also commonly known as freight load factoring, makes balancing cash flow and assets easier by helping shipping companies manage invoices, payments, debts, and budgeting needs. Answering what is a freight factoring service provider and what they can do for small and medium-sized companies that haul freight is critical to maintaining forward momentum in the market today. So let’s get to the bottom of the question what is freight factoring, and why should shippers care.

What Is Freight Factoring?

Freight transportation is pretty basic in its usual setup- loads are shipped and delivered, and rivers get paid for their services. But it is never that easy as payments often end up delayed, and delivery payments rarely come in when the freight is unloaded with the customer. Sometimes it can take up to 90 days to get final payment for services already rendered. Understanding what a freight factoring company is and what benefits factoring providers can offer is vital to the modern transportation industry.

Dealing with invoice factoring fees can present a considerable challenge for shipping companies and exemplifies the need for factoring services. EIA’s market summary highlights that on-highway fuel costs and other expenses have risen between 2 and 2.4 points over the past year, significantly adding to the pressure on shipping companies’ available assets and cash flow. Be sure to put in the date references for both current and the past period you reference—only on-highway diesel costs in here. Answering the questions of what is freight factoring and transportation factoring will give shippers the upper hand that they need to manage their finance and resources better.

What is Freight Broker Factoring and How a Freight Invoice Factoring Service Works

When freight companies answer the question of what is freight factoring, they can outsource unpaid invoices to a third-party freight factoring company. They buy the invoice and charge a small fee to cover profits on their end. They give the shipping company the money they need, and the factoring company is responsible for securing payments from the original customer. This arrangement can significantly improve cash flow and makes it easier to plan for budgeting needs. Answering the questions of what is freight broker factoring and what it does for shipping companies today is essential. A more predictable and manageable factoring rate will help companies offset fuel costs, shipping expenses, and other accessorial charges.   

There are two main processes involved with freight factoring costs management for trucking companies. Recourse factoring often takes the top position as the most common option available when companies consider what is transportation factoring and what options are available. With this method, the transportation company must buy back any invoices that the factoring company could not get payments on time. So, if a customer fails to pay the factoring company, then that invoice’s original owner must repurchase it and pay back the money they received. Nonrecourse factoring means the factoring company assumes most of the risk of non-payment, and when this arrangement reaches the end, the factoring rate and fees involved are often much higher.

What Is Freight Factoring and What Are the Benefits?
As shipping and transportation companies continue to wrestle with the answer to what is freight factoring, another common question must also be answered. What is a freight factoring service, and how does it impact the day-to-day processes involved with freight transportation and logistics management? A few significant benefits to freight factoring make it an appealing and worthwhile option to pursue.

Securing Same-Day Payments

The most significant benefit shippers gain from these services is access to uninterrupted cash flow and operating capital. Maintaining access to cash and liquid assets is vital for small or startup businesses. Freeing up this income source makes it much easier to manage growth and sustain profitable operations. Larger and more established truck companies can also benefit from a financial boost and an easier time maintaining positive cash flow.

Less Accounting Stress

Even with the factoring fees, it is often cheaper and more profitable for companies to partner with freight factoring companies. Letting the expert handle the logistics of payments and letting them deal with the stress of chasing down payments from customers frees up team members so they can focus on more vital services and operations. One benefit to come from the questions of what is freight factoring and what is transportation factoring is an insider approach to accounting management. 

Access to Creditworthy Brokers

Another benefit of partnering with qualified factoring companies is that it helps reduce invoice factoring fees and expenses by working with creditworthy brokers. With pre-approved and vetted partners performing credit checks, it becomes much easier to find freight brokers who help offset your freight transport risk rather than add to it. Most shippers do not have the resources or time to manage all of this back-office work; freight factoring can help in that regard as well.

Better Cash Flow for More Loads

Freight invoice factoring provides another convenient and valuable benefit for those operating a shipping or transportation business. No matter how young or old the company is or what freight specializations it has, the right partnership and factoring services can significantly improve how many loads can take bids and make it easier to pay truckers faster. Working with a factoring company and genuinely understanding what freight factoring is can help shift a lot of the responsibility and many time-consuming tasks off team members’ shoulders. This approach frees up personnel, finances, and capacity to take on more loads. 

Lower Cost Than Traditional Loans

The final benefit shipping companies can enjoy when they find the answer to the question of what is transportation factoring services and why they matter is how much more affordable everything can be. Traditional loans often require high down payments and collateral assets. Many small and medium-sized companies lack this financial backing, which is why they need help in the first place. Securing financial assistance from a freight transportation factoring company can be much more affordable and cost-efficient in the short and long terms.

How Much Does Freight Factoring Cost?
The question of what freight factoring is can have far-reaching effects on budgeting and planning for operational costs and expenses. The factoring rates, sometimes referred to as factoring fees, can run from 1% to 5%, depending on several key factors—the amount charged in fees added to the overall amount of the negotiated debt. As NerdWallet points out, rates can vary depending on several factors:

  • Invoice amount
  • Sales volume
  • Individual creditworthiness
  • “Recourse” or “nonrecourse” term agreements

It becomes easier to address concerns over freight factoring and what services are available when factoring terms get explained clearly.

There are two ways to calculate factoring rates, flat and variable. What is transportation factoring? Variable rates are structured based on the time it takes your customer to pay their invoices. A flat rate is a one-time fee that isn’t affected by your customer’s time to deliver. Payments are not usually made when truckers provide a load, so financial assistance is vital for ongoing growth and expansion. It is important to note when dealing with invoice factoring fees and rates; it is essential to note that not everyone qualifies for freight invoice factoring. What is freight factoring services’ top considerations to keep in mind? Some basic qualifications that usually govern the process of approval include:

  • Meeting a minimum credit score set by the factoring company to judge risk level.
  • There can be a waiting period for initial approvals of a company’s first factoring contract.
  • The freight transportation business must be operational for a minimum of 90 days.
  • Small companies may have to meet a minimum annual or projected yearly income range.
  • Individual factoring companies set up specific additional qualifications.
  • Larger freight companies often face more stringent standards to qualify for services.

Another way to understand what is freight factoring and how it relates to freight transportation is to look at a real work example. Consider a freight bill invoice worth $10,000 that gets sold to a freight broker. They attach a service factoring fee of 2% that comes out of that total. So, $200 goes right to the factoring company. Then the remaining $9,800 is paid to the company, either all at once or in installments depending on the agreement. By better understanding how the freight factoring process works, what invoice factoring fees to consider, and the current going factoring rates, shippers can better prepare and plan for cash flow and budgeting needs.

How to Pick the Right-Cost Factoring Service
When looking for a freight factoring company and considering the answer to the question of what is freight factoring, there are many things to think about the factoring company you are considering. Just as no transportation company is the same, no factoring company is the same either. Pay particular attention to these items as you think about what is transportation factoring and what services are most important to your company’s continued growth and success:

  • Speed of payment and how long the factoring company holds funds for distribution.
  • Borrowing capacity and limits relating to how much they will fund at any one time.
  • Availability of recourse, nonrecourse, or a mix of the two for factoring terms.
  • Payout processes and timelines for entire or patrial advancements in payments.
  • Ease of access to customer service and personnel if issues arise.
  • Reputation for the factoring company in the industry and among other providers.
  • The ability of personnel to answer questions and address concerns satisfactorily.
  • Old invoices or other factors that impact rates and fees applied to the total funded.
  • Contract termination and payment default protocols and protections.
  • Additional fees and other potential expenses are added to contractual obligations.
  • Customization options are available to ensure proper services and amenities.

What is freight factoring? It is a service that provides a financial lifeline to drivers to enable more success. Finding the right freight factoring service provider to partner with can help management better control services and deliver quality results without the hassle, worry, and stress of managing cash flow and tracking invoice payments over a weeklong and monthlong timetables. In this regard, the answer to this question of what is transportation factoring is simple: it is a service that allows for greater control and adaptability so shipping companies and trucking businesses can thrive.

Remember to Think About Value-Added Services, Like Lite Analytics

When shipping companies, owner-operators, and trucking companies come face to face with finance and cash flow issues, it can be challenging to overcome them. Like many industries today, especially in light of continued disruption and volatility, it takes money to make money. For smaller companies, understanding what is freight factoring and what services and benefits it brings to the table can be a real game-changer. 

Partnering with an experienced factoring company like BasicBlock offers a vast array of value-added services that small business owners can take advantage of and benefit from right away. What is freight factoring? Services such as online invoice creation and sharing, cloud-based platforms and dashboards, and on-demand notifications and updates help fleet managers keep up with current loads and schedules. Additional value-added services include:

  • Same-day payment authorization.
  • Analytics to track the performance of trucks and drivers.
  • Tailored metrics targeted for small trucking fleets and owner-operator company setups.

What is transportation factoring? It is essential to consider specialized services when finding a service provider who can specialize in small fleet or owner-operated business setups. Finding an answer to what is a freight factoring company and what benefits it can offer requires managers to look at all aspects of freight management and transportation. 

Get Back on the Road With BasicBlock Freight Invoice Factoring. 

What is freight factoring? Answering this question can be a bit more challenging for smaller freight companies. Owner-operator fleets and small businesses typically have higher credit risks and are more likely to encounter problems securing dancing and factoring services. However, BasicBlock specializes in answering the question of what is a freight factoring company by serving these businesses and making it easier for small freight shipping companies. When these companies discover legitimate factoring services with no hidden fees through transparent fee-lite structures and ensure they understand what they are paying from the get-go.  

Managing freight factoring costs and related expenses is easier with the proper financial backing. When shipping service providers determine the answer to what is transportation factoring and what services must exist for further growth, it becomes easier to manage cash flow and prepare for continued growth and success. Contact BasicBlock today to get started and discover how easy it is to manage freight invoices and cash flow logistics by answering the questions,  what is freight factoring, and how can your business benefit from these innovative payment solutions?

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