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The Top Free Load Boards for Owner Operators


Online load boards are brokerage websites and applications that make it easy for shippers and carriers to post and find loads. These load boards can help shippers and brokers discover carriers’ availability while simultaneously allowing them to search for freight that aligns with their equipment type, lanes, etc. Some trucker load boards are free to use, while others come with a subscription fee. 


Load boards can be helpful for smaller or newer trucking companies who can utilize load boards to seek out freight and build up their reputation and relationships with brokers and carriers. However, that is also a bit of a downside because you will need to compete with others who are just as motivated to land their first loads. That means the rates may be lower on average. 


Here we’ve compiled a list of free (and some free trial) load board systems for you to explore.  


Most Well-Known Free Load Boards

These well-known load boards do not require a subscription fee to use. However, the options won’t be as expansive as what you’d get with a paid service, but that’s to be expected. 

  1. Convoy
  2. Loadsmart
  3. Freight Finder
  4. Trucker Path
  5. Trulos
  6. DSSLN
  7. Live Loads
  8. Landstar
  9. Check Freight Broker
  10. NextLoad
  11. Doft
  12. Direct Freight

Free Load Boards from Freight Brokers and Shippers

Some brokers and shipping companies have developed load boards to post their freight. You can search for loads here, but it may not be the most convenient place to find loads quickly since you’re just looking at individual companies. 

  1. Brokered Loads
  2. Buchanan Hauling and Rigging
  3. Greenbush Logistics
  4. Harte Hanks
  5. JB Hunt
  6. Jones Logistics
  7. Mercer
  8. Prime Load
  9. QT Inc
  10. Reliant Transportation
  11. TSH
  12. Transport Investments
  13. US Logistics
  14. Werner
  15. FindFreightLoads
  16. Hoploads
  17. Flock Freight

Premium Load Boards with a Free Trial Period

Your premium load boards will come with more options that help you navigate to better loads with better rates on the free boards–but they are still quite competitive. Another benefit is adding security and vetting to discourage scammers, but you should always do your due diligence. You can always try the free trial to see if the monthly cost is worth it for your company. 

  1. TruckStop
  2. Getloaded
  3. 123 Loadboard
  4. Dat


Always remember that you want these systems to work for you–not against you. While you may feel desperate to book those vital first loads, remember your cost per mile. Take some time to explore the different boards listed above to see what works best for your company’s needs. 





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