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The Top Trucker Focused Podcasts


It’s 4:30 a.m. Awoken with a start, a trucker driver reaches over in the dark to turn off their alarm. Grabbing the first cup of coffee is essential to shaking off sleep before a thorough pre-trip inspection. When the morning routine ends with both vehicle and driver ready for the route ahead, the driver settles into the driving seat and scrolls through their phone for audio entertainment to start the 14-hour workday.

C|Net reported that “Trucks are the linchpin of the economy, responsible for moving 72% of all the goods we consume […] Every product that goes from an American port or factory to your doorstep rides on a truck at some point.” With an abundance of freight to haul for daily living, truck driver schedules are typically fully packed. To minimize loneliness or boredom, maintain personal interests and continue professional development, many truckers have turned to podcasts to share the driving seat every day. Although the options are endless, here are seven of the top truck podcasts to know

Talk CDL Trucking Podcast

Each Sunday, Talk CDL releases a new podcast addressed to fellow truckers filled with commentary on trucking laws, surveys, or stories submitted by listeners. With a 4.2 star rating from 118 reviews on Apple, Talk CDL is a strong contender for podcasts available on Google Play, Apple, and Stitcher. 

Trucking for Millenials Podcast

Trucking for Millenials sets itself apart among trucking podcasts by producing content to discover and address the next generation of truckers. Each Monday, listeners hear from corporate co-founders and niche supply chain professionals who discuss shipper relationships, freight broker elements, conference recaps, and ways to control trucking fuel costs as an owner-operator. This top truck podcast to know contender is found on Apple, Google Play Store, iHeartRadio, and Spotify. 

Trucking Fitness Radio

While trucking podcasts may be a source of amusement for those who are sedentary, Trucking Fitness keeps you moving by design. The Trucking Fitness Company sponsors this podcast to discuss maximizing sleep, easily passing DOT physicals, and mental health on the road. With two to three new podcasts released each month, drivers learn to grow their trucking business without compromising health.


Rated under the category of business news, WHAT THE TRUCK?!? covers stories sprawled anywhere in the realm of transportation and logistics. From back-office partners to founders, VCs to truckers, this production produces three times the content of average trucking podcasts, with multiple episodes released per week. WHAT THE TRUCK?!? is hosted by FreightWaves and can be found on Audible and Apple Podcasts. 

Put That Coffee Down

Owner-operators will say that Put That Coffee Down is one of the best truck podcasts to know. This trucking podcast, aimed at the business side of freight sales, provides inside tips on pipelines, margin, social selling, and marketing, making it easier to find loads to haul and grow a small trucking fleet. Put That Coffee Down releases multiple episodes weekly and is available on all podcast streaming platforms.

Supply Chain Now

As the self-proclaimed “Voice of the Supply Chain,” this trucking podcast is hosted by a variety of supply chain professionals with a myriad of backgrounds. While the primary podcast hosts multiple episodes a week, the production team at Supply Chain Now ranks high among truck podcasts to know by creating a bimonthly Supply Chain Now En Espanol available on Apple Podcasts and YouTube.

Blue Ribbon Podcast

Previously titled The American Truck Driver Podcast, the Blue Ribbon Podcast provides content for owner-operators new to the field or seasoned drivers just looking to grow their business. With an average episode length of an hour and a half, this trucking podcast’s hosts, Larry W. Long and Chris Polk, provide monthly content covering the latest news, trends, and tips for all things trucking. 

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